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 “Dave Newman is an immense talent!”

—Donald Ray Pollock, The Devil All the Time and Knockemstiff


White Gorilla Press is pleased to present

    Dave Newman's newest book of poems:


The Poem Factory

Publication: Oct. 10, 2014

Trade Paperback 173 pages

ISBN: 0-9884459-3-X  ISBN-13: 978-0-9884459-3-2

10-City Rustbelt author tour



Praised by writers as diverse as Jerry Stahl, Alicia Erian, and Yale Younger Poets Prize Winner Michael Casey, Dave Newman delivers his second collection of hope-filled, down-and-out poems for White Gorilla Press.


The Poem Factory – A Synopsis:

The Poem Factory is where you end up when the world no longer wants you. These are poems set in the corners of America seldom mentioned in poetry. Waitresses and strippers, truck drivers and store managers, outsider poets and welders fill the pages with their lyrical insights, their midnight desires, their miseries and their hope. Here are the good times against the bad times. In The Poem Factory, Frank O’Hara is the world’s laziest mover and Walt Whitman is a guiding light. Wal-Mart looms and the student loan people want their money back. Temp work is a career choice. Getting your teeth cleaned is a luxury. Written in the spirit of world poets like Nicanor Parra and Nazim Hikmet, coupled with pure American Grit, Newman’s poems start where most poems stop. He tells truths we’re all embarrassed to know.


“Dave Newman is the truth about America. He is lyrical and outrageous and tells the saddest stories I know. In The Poem Factory, he shows our great decline and how we don’t know how to fall. This is a beautiful, powerful book.”—Mohammed Pouchek


What Others Are Saying About DAVE NEWMAN:

“There are writers who understand America and there are writers who understand an America most writers don't write about. This short-money, low-end, no expectations, working class just-skating-by America is the one Dave Newman lays bare in his achingly beautiful, badass and authentic novel, Two Small Birds. Call it Truck Driving America. What Newman has created in this big-hearted, gritty book is a kind of road novel, where the road is one you and everybody you know just want to get the hell off of, before it kills you or works you to death. Readers will hear echoes of Raymond Carver, Daniel Woodrell and Denis Johnson, but in the end Two Small Birds earns Newman a place of his own in the pantheon. Two Small Birds is really a book to love.” —Jerry Stahl, Permanent Midnight, Perv: A Love Story, and more


“Funny, outrageous, and somehow tender in a world of bad jobs and worse relationships, Two Small Birds is a road novel about what it means to lose control of everything you love and desire. This is art. This is a writer telling the truth about the world. This is a book about what literature has forgotten: truck drivers and salesmen, waitresses and prostitutes, the fallen and the hanging on. Dave Newman is an enormous talent who drops insights like a jeweler sets diamonds. Two Small Birds dazzles. It’s a novel to light the way at the beginning of the 21st century.” —Alicia Erian, Towelhead


“Dave Newman is truly one of the best writers of his generation.” —Gerald Locklin



Dave Newman has published more than 100 poems, stories, essays, and articles in magazines and journals around the world. He is the author of five books, including The Poem Factory (White Gorilla Press, 2015), the novel Two Small Birds (Writers Tribe Books, 2014), and the collection The Slaughterhouse Poems (White Gorilla Press, 2013), which was named one of the best books of the year by L Magazine. He works in chronic pain research, serving elders, and lives in Trafford, PA, the last town in the Electric Valley, with his wife, the writer Lori Jakiela, and their two children.

THE POEM FACTORY is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at fine bookstores everywhere.


For additional information, e-mail the publisher, Michael Baron at or visit


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